“Life is the sum of the decisions you make.

You have to have the courage to choose.”

-Eniko Marian

Hi, I'm Eniko Marian,

Expert  In  Network  Marketing  Businesses.

Over the last +25 years, I’ve developed an extensive network, owned my own company, written a book, helped over 25,000 people grow their businesses and become a successful Network Marketer.

But I wasn’t raised to think like an entrepreneur -- or to even look for such opportunities.

As a child, I grew up in communist Romania. I felt trapped by the lack of opportunities around me and the confines of my family's finances. Because of this, I was determined at an early age to create a different life for myself and be free from relying on others.

When I was 22, I finally saw things clearly and discovered the path that would lead me to financial and personal freedom-- the world of network marketing.

In the beginning, I treated networking marketing as a side-hustle to slowly fund my pursuit of getting an education. After 2 years of being involved part-time in network marketing, I had the money to attend the my "dream" university. Five years later I graduated with a degree in international economics and had my “dream” job at a bank. 

Making three times my old salary, I was in love with my new career. It was everything I had hoped for - at least for the first year. The promise of a better life was short-lived when I became overworked, under-appreciated, and mistreated by my boss. I felt trapped.

After three grueling years, I realized that enough was enough. It couldn’t have been more clear to me that I was never meant to work for anyone but myself. That is when I fully dedicated my future to building my network marketing business.

Of course - I faced some skepticism from others, but I pushed through because I knew that it was up to me to make the change I wanted to see in my life. Through hard work and persistence, I built my pipeline and made my dream of becoming my own boss a reality.

Now that I have built my empire and achieved the financial freedom as a network marketing expert, my new passion is sharing my secrets of success with the world so that others can set themselves free and create the lives they desire.

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