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I've helped thousands of clients grow their businesses and achieve financial freedom with coaching tailored to their particular needs.

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I understand what it takes to succeed and I’m living proof that patience and determination are huge parts in the journey of achieving ultimate freedom. 

I love using my story to inspire other women and men to know they have what it takes and give them the push they need to get moving.

7 Steps to a Seven-Figure Business

Say goodbye to running yourself ragged! My bestselling book takes you through my proven framework for building your prospect list and selling effectively to the right people at the right time.

Hi, I'm Eniko Marian

As a Network Marketer, I haven’t just reached the success and freedom I dreamt about when I first started working around the clock while making $70 per month as a Nurse in Communist Romania.

I took my expertise one step further and started my own company.  

Learn more about how I can help you reshape your life today.

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Success Stories

Faye Markos-Leach 

Florida, USA

Eniko is a great mentor. She shares all of her golden nuggets with you. She is so willing to help us all achieve our goals and encourages everyone to have big dreams.

Zsolt Farkas

Debrecen, Hungary

Thanks to Eniko, my life took a huge turn. She taught me how to set goals and implement them in a system, with conscious thinking, to bring them to life. Grateful for it!

Elena B.

Burcharest, Romania

I’ve been in Network Marketing for 30+ yrs. My income would go up and down like a carousel until Eniko became my mentor. She brought financial freedom and stability into my life.  

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